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BBL Photorejuvenation:

BBL Photorejuvenation:

What is BBL?
Broadband Light; is a broad spectrum light that can even out the skin color, treat fine wrinkles and reduce or eliminate sun spots and blemishes.

What types of things can be treated?
Broken capillaries, sun damage, hyper/hypopigmentation and Rosacea.

Is there any pre treatment necessary?
Not typically. We ask that you refrain from irritating skin care products or light sensitizing medicine for 1-week prior.

Is there any post treatment necessary?
Avoidance of direct sunlight and use of a good sun block is required until fully healed.

Does it hurt?
There is minimal to no discomfort typically. No anesthetic is necessary. The skin may look a little red and feel sensitive for 48 hours after each treatment:

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